Are there Samples

You can download the sample files on the Examples page.

What is the difference between a one time purchase and a subscription?

When you pay for a one time purchase; you are paying for the convenience of encrypting your code at that point in time.

A Subscription pays for the additional development which will allow us to make sure that encryption continues to work with each new version of the runtimes.

One time purchase limitations

A one time purchase will only give you access to the current runtime and the following version of the runtime. Please note your app will run forever on these two versions of the runtime; you can't upgrade to the newest versions of the runtimes after this point unless you purchase an runtime update. In addition this only allows you to encrypt a single application.

Subscription limitations

None, you can encrypt as many apps as you have and you can continue to get the newer features and runtimes at no extra charge.

Why not automate the encryption?

It is on the roadmap; however before we sink additional development resources into this project we are determining if their is an actual market for this whole service.

What does AppProtection encrypt?

We currently only encrypt all the JavaScript code. If you are storing important information in a data file; you will need to secure them separately and keep the keys inside the encrypted JS.

What security does it provide?

All source is AES encrypted on the disk, and is only decrypted in memory. The key is dynamically generated rather than stored. The engines are fully aware of encrypted files, and so it actively thwarts attacks to extract any plain text.

What is the difference between Titanium™ encryption and AppProtection?

Titanium actually did a decent job of encrypting the files and securing them.

It however has no ability to actively thwart things like .toString() and other methods to extract the source. In addition, it has an achilles heel; which can break the whole encryption...

What is the difference between Cordova™ Plugin encryption and AppProtection?

Unfortunately with the Cordova™ plugins, it is fairly simple to find the key, which then allows you to decrypt all files easily.

What is the difference between NativeScript™ Telerik™ plugin encryption and AppProtection?

The NativeScript Telerik™ plugin is a first attempt at encryption, the current design has a large number of holes which easily allow anyone to extract the full source code.